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Introducing the wonderful world of
folk-pop songstress JESA and her colourful debut single You Before Me.


"Powerful songstress"

Introducing the wonderful world of JESA. 

A flourishing artist, songstress and visionary from Northern NSW, debuting her exciting release You Before Me. 


JESA is a colourful folk-pop project hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Northern Rivers NSW. JESA is known amongst the scene for her thought-provoking songwriting, enticing performances and big heart. With an inspiring message, the songwriter expresses her advocacy through the magic of her music. Enchanting and vibrant, her songs are wise, honest and daring. JESA welcomes her debut track You Before Me that encapsulates the feeling of empowerment, healing and new beginnings. 


Making her mark amongst the South East music scene, JESA is renowned from her showcases at Byron Bay Blues Festival from 2013 to 2015. Performing amongst some of the South East's best including Byron Bay's Beach Hotel and an array of Brisbane's acclaimed venues from Black Bear Lodge to The Foundry, JESA's stage presence lights the room. Inspired by the sounds of Lisa Mitchell and Maggie Rogers, JESA blends her passion for folk with new age pop, burying her feet amongst the sand of the cultivating Australian pop scene.


Written at the piano in her parents home, You Before Me began as a tragic break-up song. After showing this track to her Brisbane friend and collaborator Robert Cooper, she decided to transform this song from morbid to uplifting. You Before Me was then brought to life from its acoustic persona to a multi-instrumental dance track. Originally recorded in Byron Bay's notable Rockinghorse Studios, the track was then re-birthed at Billy Otto's treehouse studio, where the soundscape formation of JESA truly began. 

"I wrote You Before Me retrospectively looking back at a time when I didn’t believe I was enough and how unhealthy that was".

An empowering track, You Before Me explores the depths of JESA's journey in embracing new beginnings and accepting the past. It dives into themes of grieving lovers, understanding self-worth and challenging old belief systems. A song with a story that resonates, JESA challenges the norm and inspires listeners to appreciate life's lessons. With sonic sounds inspired by the soundscapes of 80s disco and 70s funk, JESA's therapeutic debut is a dream come true.

You Before Me is available on all download and streaming platforms 

Thursday December 3 2020.


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JESA is a new colourful folk pop project based out of the rainbow region of the Northern Rivers, NSW. Her musical palette is somewhere between Lisa Mitchell, Maggie Rogers & Pheobe Bridgers with subtle hints of 70s soul, 80s disco and 90s rock. JESA believes art is activism as she challenges social injustices by breaking down barriers with timeless messages of hope, empowerment and courage through song. Growing up busking at markets, performing on showcases at Byron Bay Bluesfest and local open mic nights, JESA knew that being an artist was her calling from a young age. This passion led her to being featured on lineups at Nimbin Roots Festival, Buskers By The Creek, Crankfest, DIY Festival Brisbane, Black Bear Lodge, The Brightside & The Beach Hotel Byron Bay. In 2019 JESA hosted and performed on bushfire fundraisers, garden house concerts and multi-stacked lineups across the East Coast paving the way as a young women wanting to create a music community everywhere she goes. 2021 is going to be a big year for her as she is set to release her new debut single ‘You Before Me’ on December 6th 2020 and follow-up with a headline tour to her favourite East Coast venues.

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